smartwi1aDownloads for SmartWi Lite (original version)

Windows Loader Software for SmartWi Master Box

The SmartWi loader software enables you to download new firmware to the SmartWi Master box from PC’s USB port.


Smartwi Toolbox 1.25

DOWNLOAD – Windows 10 (.exe file)
DOWNLOAD – Windows 10 (.rar file)

Install instruction:

Windows 10 users should connect their SmartWi master to the computer. Windows update will automatically detect the SmartWi master and install the latest driver for it.

Run the SmartWi toolbox installer (SmartWi_64bit_win10), and you’re done.

Note: If you for some reason can’t install the driver through windows update, the drivers are also provided in the installation folder – Default C:\Program Files\SmartWi\Drivers

Right click the smartwi.inf file and choose “install”.
DOWNLOAD – 32 Bit version (Windows 7)
DOWNLOAD – 64 Bit version (Windows 7)
DOWNLOAD – 64 Bit version (Windows 8, 8.1)

The SmartWi firmware is the file you upload to the Masterbox.

Standard software for all supported encryption systems: (Conax, Viaccess, Ir**to, Seca Mediaguard, DRE-Crypt, Tong Fang, Betacrypt, Cryptoworks, and others)

Firmware version 2.53 r8  DOWNLOAD Date 19/12/2011

(Normally this firmware is installed in all SmartWi LITE. Update from older versions only for improved Viaccess handling).

Firmware version 2.53 r10 no null DOWNLOAD Date 24/05/2012
– Firmware for very old Seca receivers in Poland only

Firmware version 2.53 r50  DOWNLOAD Date 13/01/2016 (Newest version),

Firmware for SmartWi Master Box for Japan

The SmartWi firmware is only for Japan.

This firmware B-CAS / Multi 2

Firmware version. 2.52 B-CAS r118 DOWNLOAD  Date. 29/03/2010

User Manual for SmartWi

SmartWi user manual for fast and easy installation.

DOWNLOAD English,French,Swedish,German,Suomi,Polish.