Here you can find detailed information how to use SmartWi’s products.

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General Set-up

Pair Client’s to Master
Transfer ATR

How to use the Tools

SmartWi Loader
SmartWi Firmware


1. Place the SmartWi Master in the centre of your house
2. All Clients must be reached within a radius of up to 15 meters
3. Proceed with Pair Client’s to Master

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Pair Clients to Master

1. Remove subscription card and power from Master
2. Reconnect power to the Master
3. Wait for 5 seconds
4. Insert all Client cards in a row for five seconds each

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Transfer ATR

1. Connect power to the Master
2. Wait for 5 seconds
3. Insert the subscription card in the Master
4. Wait for 5 seconds
5. Remove the subscription card
6. Insert all Client cards in a row for 5 seconds each

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SmartWi Loader

1. Download the Windows loader software for SmartWi master box
2. Unzip to a folder named as desired
3. Connect the SmartWi master to an USB port
4. Windows will now prompt for new hardware
5. Manually guide windows to the path, where the smartwi.inf is located and install it.
6. Windows device manager now recognises the SmartWi master as “Smart Card reader”

Now the USB driver is installed and ready to use for tools and firmware updates

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SmartWi Firmware

1. Connect SmartWi Master to the USB port, without any cards in the reader
2. Wait for Windows to recognise the driver or approximately 30 seconds
3. Start the SmartWi Loader
4. Click on the folder icon, and navigate to the desired firmware
5. Click on the “magic stick”. (The message “SmartWi loaded with success !!” appears)
6. Insert All Clients for 5 seconds in a row

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